The Ambleside

The Ambleside, with comfortable dimensions and 6 massage seats, one of which lounged.

Dimensions: 2.23 x 1.90 x 0.80 m
Number of Seats: 5 (1 lounged)
Number of Jets: 30



  • 30 Jets
  • 13 amp
  • Dual Speed Pump
  • Chromotherapy
  • Seats 6
  • 216cm x 186cm
  • White Shell – Grey Panels
  • Grey Protective Cover
  • Ozone System
  • 3 Cushions
  • LED Light System
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MADE IN EUROPE Spas are manufactured in Portugal, being always distinguished by their high quality production and materials.
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ECOLITE STRUCTURE – The 100% Inorganic Structure is an Ecological way of assuring an outstanding durability.
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INSHELL LEDS – Our Chromotherapy Leds are built within the Spa Acrylic. This makes it possible to provide you with the best therapy without drilling your Spa Shell.
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HYDROPLUS – The best Hydromassage quality is granted by our high-quality mechanical equipment.
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WQC – WARM & QUIET CHAMBER – The panels and Shell of our Spas are both thermo-insulated with polyurethane foam. This allows the creation of a heat chamber that maintains the water warmer with less energy use, and reduce the noise of the pumps. All this to provide you with the best comfort experience!